Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Other odds and ends...

I am the lead artist for a mod project called CWR2.  Besides the models I have made, I also oversee something like 1200 models, each with their own LODs like I indicated for my own projects, and thousands of textures from many contributors.

One of the projects I took on was the face of the main villain.  I don't consider myself a character artist in any way, shape or form, but this was a good opportunity to use the base face topology model I developed in school, and to experiment with organic modelling techniques.

Work in Progress...

The face is hand painted so far, using a layered maquette painting style.  It's WIP, but I thought I would show it because I'm pleased with the way it's turning out.  I tried to capture the feel of the original character, incorporate some of his back story into his facial features (like his broke nose from his prison guard days in the gulags), while keeping the proportions of the ArmA 2 facial rig!

One asset I whipped up in less than a day (after I found the correct reference) was an overlay texture for a TV.  This is an texture is supposed to go in front of the virtual camera when the characters are watching a television.  It is an old Czech TV from the cold war era, and I was quite lucky to find only two photos of it on some antique radio website!
My alpha texture of a Tesla c110 television, without the screen alpha.

I also made a similar asset based on an old laptop screen for an 80s style 'high tech' tracking device.

The weapon and the setting were unfortunately not made by me

One of the things I did in school was make an articulated tank model.  It's a Sappenpanzer Marder, a German APC.

A Sappenpanzer Marder, in all its highpoly glory.
And the mid-poly "hero" game asset.

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