Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Trabant, a car made of wood chips and epoxy

The Trabant in Vray.  It has a higher polycount than the in-game model

This model, as well as the rifle and the helicopter were done for a project called CWR2, which is supported by Bohemia Interactive to sort of recreate their Operation Flashpoint in their new engine.  The project have me some latitude when it came to deciding what I wanted to model.  I chose this, a car from 60s East Germany- and perhaps the worst car ever produced- because I thought it would be something not many people have seen before.

The big challenge was getting this thing to look old and used because it is made of plastic.  Actually it's made of something called duroplast, which is, I guess, paper pulp bonded with glue, and so it doesn't rust.  In fact, the paint doesn't really seem to come off either.  In the game I have it a blotchy texture with areas of sun bleached paint that I had to take off of the render version because it just ended up looking ambiguously like some kind of render artifact.

The Trabant (made by me) in Operation Arrowhead (which is not made by me ;)

Since the game is a simulator, this car has several different levels of detail, and interior and exterior models.  It's not a hero model, but the polycounts in Operation Arrowhead are quite high since every vehicles is drivable / destroyable / what have you.  This first LOD has 3786 points and 3888 faces ~ 6500 triangles, and the last one has 240 faces.  With the different materials, proxies, flare objects, etc, this model has six sections.

The textures are a mixture of hand painted and photo reference.

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